African Espresso

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For those who love strong. Our very own African Espresso is an expertly selected blend of coffee beans to give you those deeper, richer flavors that kick you into gear. All of that without the bitterness and this delightful blend will convert any tea-drinker into a coffee lover.

Our signature African Espresso Blend coffee makes a very bright cup with a rich, full body, a fragrant aroma, and with overtones of caramel, berries, and citrus.

African coffee beans

100% Pure African Coffee Blend from Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. Ethiopia is commonly known as the birth place of coffee.


These African Blend coffee beans come directly from the family owned farms in Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. By paying premium prices for this coffee, we are able to directly encourage practices that continue to provide you this very high quality coffee.


This means that we can curate the very largest beans which naturally contain the largest amount of aromatic oils. This makes drinking the African Blend coffee an enriching coffee experience that is unique and enjoyable.


Choose Medium, or Dark Roast

Fruity, Caramel, Full Bodied

Hand Harvested - Ethically Traded - Custom Blend