6 Bean Blend

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Roast: Dark Roast


6 bean espresso is our best seller and loved by coffee connoisseurs all over the world.  It is enjoyed across the country in coffee shops and restaurants. You will find this special blend of coffee perfect for your espresso machine, as a pour over, or in your automatic coffee maker.


These beans are roasted dark to bring out the full flavors they possess without being so oily that it sticks to the inside of your grinder. Or if you prefer have use grind it for you before we ship it to your door.


Our special blend is made with beans from Africa, Central and South America. It has just a touch of some organic Robusta to give it a full flavor and great crème in your espresso.


African Coffees are Exotic

Coffee beans harvested in African countries are often as exotic as the lands that produce them. Many African coffees are dry processed. This infuses the beans with flavors from the cherry and mucilage.


They add a big body to this roast that’s enhanced with a strong sweetness. Some even add flavors that have a touch of fruity or floral essences. Their acidity usually fall anywhere between that of a nice merlot or that of a tannic British breakfast tea.


Central and South American coffee beans are bright and classic

Some of the most popular ones come from Costa Rica, Colombia, and Brazil. Beans from this area produce a wide-range of flavors that include: chocolate, nuts, or caramel tones.


These beans produce the classic coffee taste that coffee lovers have come to expect and demand.


The aroma from our 6 Bean espresso blend will satisfy your senses and prepare you for your day. From your first sip you’re love our special blend you’ll be in love.