How to Make Iced Coffee

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It’s that time of the year- The cold weather is suddenly something of the past, and even the thought of brewing coffee makes you break out in profuse sweating. There is a time and place for everything, and even though coffee tastes delicious when it’s piping hot, iced coffee is the perfect way to drink coffee in the warmer seasons.


This is precisely why we have decided to bring you this recipe for making iced coffee at home. To make iced coffee, you’ll need a brewing method that relies on filtering and medium-fine to medium grind size coffee. We will be using a Hario V60.

What you’ll need

  • Hario V60 (...Chemex or similar devices work, too)
  • White paper filters
  • 200 ml ice cubes
  • 200 ml water at 200F
  • 25 grams of medium-fine grind size, preferably a dark roast
  • A kettle
  • A digital scale


How to make: 

1. Heat up water in a kettle and use it to thoroughly rinse your paper filter and warm up the Hario V60 dripper.

2. Choose a tall mug and place it on top of the digital scale, then tare it.

3. Place the dripper on top of the mug you’ll be using, put the filter in place, then add ground coffee.

4. In a kettle, heat up water to 200F and start pouring until you hit 40 ml on the scale.

5. Allow 30 seconds for it to bloom. Do not stir.

6. Pour the remaining 110 ml as slowly as you can. Make a spiraling motion and end at the center of the coffee bed.

7. Immediately after finishing, add all ice cubes.

Hario V60 Coffee Brewing from simon on Vimeo.

As you can see, the recipe itself is quite simple and shouldn’t be too hard to master after one or two tries. If you don’t have a coffee scale, you can always weigh the water separately or with a measuring cup; Just make sure you pour once to bloom the coffee, then add the rest of the water.


Although we use the Hario V60, this method can be used -keeping the exact same parameters- with any other pour over brewing method.

Tips & Tricks

Nothing like some good ol’ fashioned experience-based advice when it comes to coffee. These tips and tricks come directly from baristas that are well-versed in the art of making iced coffee. Here’s what they shared with us:


#1 Make it strong

If you like your coffee to deliver a powerful kick of both flavor and caffeine, you probably have had a hard time finding an iced coffee that suits your taste. Iced coffee is tricky to make strong enough since, upon adding ice cubes, it starts to dilute and lose flavor.


The solution is quite simple: Make a batch of iced coffee following the recipe we provided in this article -minus the ice cubes- and make that into ice cubes. Use those instead of ice cubes and your coffee will stay strong until the end!


#2 Make it big

You might feel a little underwhelmed by the small amount of coffee you can make with this recipe. Maybe, just maybe, you’d like to brew a whole pot of iced coffee at a time. Can it be done?

Well, of course! The trick is not only in multiplying the quantities by the amount of coffee cups you expect to make, but to brew directly over the ice.

In this case, you will fill a decanter with enough ice according to the amount of water you use. Then, you’ll brew the coffee directly over the ice. The coffee will cool down as soon as it's brewed. Serve immediately after brewing and store in the fridge if there’s any coffee left over.


#3 Make it sweet

Making iced coffee is a very time-sensitive endeavor. The longer you take between serving and drinking, the more of the flavor you lose… or at least it feels that way. For those of us who have a more sweet tooth and want to add sweetener, spices, and even milk to our iced coffee, we worry a lot about losing temperature during this exchange. How can we add these three ingredients more effectively?

The best trick is to sweeten the milk that you’ll be using beforehand, so that in adding the milk you’re also sweetening your coffee. Once down, chill in the freezer before you even start making your iced coffee.

When it comes to adding spices, you can mix them with your ground coffee: This will save time and save you from having to stir. The coffee becomes infused with your spice of choice and it never makes its way into your cup, which is a big plus.

With that, you’re more than ready to start experimenting with your iced coffee. Hopefully, in time, you’ll come up with your own tricks to make an even better iced coffee.

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